Promise of Tenderness
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Adult Literature

Oleg Roy

Promise of Tenderness


280 pages


Psychological Fiction, Drama, Adventure

It is difficult for Andrei Sorokin to live an ordinary life since he can read other people's thoughts. Growing up and developing these abilities brings grief not only to him, but also to his loved ones. Broken destinies, betrayal, and the death of a best friend, are the events that follow his gift. Will Andrei find the strength in him to trust people as the dolphins trusted him in the scientific laboratory?

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Cult Russian writer, author of psychological novels and more than 150 works for children, on which more than one generation grew up. He is included in the top 5 Russian and top 100 European authors. According to the Book Chamber of the Russian Federation Oleg occupies the 1st line in the rating as a children's author.

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