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Adult Literature

Oleg Roy



310 pages


Psychological Fiction, Drama, Romance

After Mila's husband Arseny left she never would have guessed that her mother-in-law would take her side! And not only is her mother-in-law on her side, but she let her daughter-in-law live with her! This unusual and rare incident because of the guilt of Arseny's misdemeanor, and because of the family’s concern for the mother-in-law’s granddaughter, a gifted and unusual girl. But will a mother's heart withstand her son’s rebellion? And will the mother-in-law be able to put up with the fact that sooner or later Mila will find another man?

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Cult Russian writer, author of psychological novels and more than 150 works for children, on which more than one generation grew up. He is included in the top 5 Russian and top 100 European authors. According to the Book Chamber of the Russian Federation Oleg occupies the 1st line in the rating as a children's author.

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