World Over the Abyss
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Adult Literature

Oleg Roy

World Over the Abyss


300 pages


Psychological Fiction, Drama

"World Over the Abyss" is a passionate novel filled with references to traditional Russian prose. The author illustrates the protagonist in a realistically glum way, but at the same time saturates the book with a cheery warmth.
    This story expresses that even the happiest people should remember that their whole world, in essence, hangs by a thread over an abyss. One day, Igor Bykov had almost everything one could dream of, a loving family, a dream job, and a put-together life. But this perfect life collapsed in the blink of an eye, when Igor’s daughter Nastya got hit by a car, and his wife Alya passed away.
    Igor was not one to believe his former happiness could be rebirthed. Yet, he made a wish to return his loved ones. Fate almost fulfilled his wish, however it wanted something in return.
    For many years, the novel "World Over the Abyss" has been one of the top best works of contemporary Russian authors. Readers say that Oleg Roy's book became an advisor for them in the most difficult life situations, it helped them find the strength to cope with their challenges in life and reawakened their hope.

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Cult Russian writer, author of psychological novels and more than 150 works for children, on which more than one generation grew up. He is included in the top 5 Russian and top 100 European authors. According to the Book Chamber of the Russian Federation Oleg occupies the 1st line in the rating as a children's author.

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