The long-awaited psychological novel "The Green Notebook"
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The long-awaited psychological novel "The Green Notebook"

In bookstores, the long-awaited psychological novel by Oleg Roy - "The Green Notebook" appeared. This book embodies everything for which readers are so fond of the work of this author - the depth and subtle psychologism, wise observations of life, vivid descriptions and a fascinating unpredictable plot.

This is a story about seven very different people who do not even know each other. It would seem that what can be common between a stylish hip-hop dancer and a humble Kyrgyz girl whose parents work in the DEZ? A cool 40-year-old headhunter and a couple of young newlyweds in college? Or a fat secretary who hates her job and a middle-aged man torn between his family and his mistress? But one day each of them finds a handwritten green notebook among the books on a bookcrossing shelf - and that notebook unexpectedly changes their entire lives. Seven episodes about simple human happiness, which you don't have to look beyond the seven earths, you just have to listen to yourself.

According to Oleg Roy, the novel "The Green Notebook" is not only about how a timely read a book or caught on sight the right thoughts can help make the right decision and even change lives, but also about how not always make mistakes and step on their own rake - sometimes much wiser to use the experience of other people or even literary characters.

If you are a fan of quality psychological and sentimental prose, if you like motivating works of life that make you believe in the best and look at life positively, then this is the book for you!

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