A New Space Project by Oleg Roy
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A New Space Project by Oleg Roy

Roy Entertainment and Oleg Roy are launching pre-production of a new animation project "Spacers" at SKA "Petersburg" (Riki GC). This is the second project that will be created by the company at the St. Petersburg studio. The amount of the deal is more than 20 million rubles. 

The project "Spacers" - an educational and entertainment animation series, which will combine two techniques of animation - 2D and 3D, but the combination will be unique in the animation market, as 2D and 3D will be equal in the series - each piece will be able to subsequently "work" separately from the other, without losing its overall meaning.

  • Timing of 1 series: 11 minutes.
  • The target audience of the project: 4-6 years old.
  • Number of episodes per season: 52. 

Project development will take about 9-10 months, so next year children will be able to go on exciting space journeys with the characters that are very close and familiar to them - because they are the same children, like themselves!

Every day the invincible team of brave Spacers, little space superheroes, comes to the aid of the inhabitants of different planets! A project created by the joint efforts of the popular children's author Oleg Roy and leading child psychologists to help your child go through the period of adaptation to the preschool children's group. 

A new day - a new space adventure! Welcome aboard the space station, to the headquarters of the Spacey Kids, the brave little space superheroes. Many dream to come here to take a peek at the captain's bridge of the invincible Cosmo, visit Smarty himself in the lab, chat about outfits with Polishka, assemble the perpetual motion machine with Bloom, and fool around with Neposedka! After all, this is where parents bring the Spacey Boys every morning to save the universe until the evening. Whatever the emergency, no matter the story, no matter what distant planet you live on... Just call out and the Spacey Kids will be there when you need them, that's why they're superheroes! Each series is a new day, a new problem, a new planet with its inhabitants - and a new space adventure.

To date, the portfolio of the author and general producer of the project Oleg Roy is in the works more than 10 animated projects, three of which are already in production: "Super Meow", "MultiCity" and "Magic Shop of Yesenia.

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