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Famous TV host Vladimir Solovyov alongside the projects “Everything for Victory” and “Z Truth is with us” launched the “News to the Front” campaign. As a part of this patriotic campaign, everyone who wished could write a letter to the participants of the Special Military Operation, to support Russian soldiers, to express our gratitude and our admiring of their everyday heroism.

As a citizen and a writer, Oleg Roy takes an active part and write his first letter in this campaign today, June 22 - on the day of the start of the Great Patriotic War, on the day of the memory and sorrow.

After all, today the soldiers of the Special Operation not just doing their duty - they are saving all humanity from the threat of the revival of Nazism in a new, even more horrible guise.

To all those who are fighting now with enemies, who are saving life and health of those who are wounded, who do all the humanitarian help to the residents of the liberated territories, urgently need our support. They all are firstly our soldiers and officers, as well as the volunteers of the people’s armies of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics. They all in any minute need our support and constant confirmation that everyone is proud of them, loves them and are waited in their homes. Low bow and inexpressible gratitude to our soldiers!



Hello, our dear warriors, our heroes, our defenders!

My name is Oleg Roy and I am a writer. I write books and create cartoons. I’m very glad that all children and adults love them.

For a long time I had a desire to express my admiration for your courage, dedication and your daily deed. Now, thanks to Vladimir’s Solovyov’s impeccable project “News to the front”, I have such a great opportunity! I must admit that I am even confused a little bit.

There is so much to say that I don’t even know where to start. Probably, it is better to start with the words of the gratitude.

Even i, an experienced writer, have lack of words to express our gratitude to you for everything that you are doing every minute. Gratitude for your courage, strength and boldness. For your work and deeds that you do every day, maybe not even realizing that it is you who do deeds. Maybe it only seems to you that you do your duty and your work, move to the goal and strive to do everything right. But we all those who with pain and anxiety watch on TV and screens of cellphones everything that happens now, understand clearly - this is the deed. We want you to know: we are those, who wait for you at home, think about you every minute, and infinitely are proud of you. May the heat of the souls of your loved ones warm you and light up your way. And our thoughts about you, our sincere and gratitude defend you and save you from every bullet and every shard of glass. We all - big Russia and I - Oleg Roy are with you. We are praying for you and wait for you here with a victory, untouched and unharmed. May the Lord save you!

Your Oleg Roy!

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