The Show of Mishka Shmyak
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The Show of Mishka Shmyak

Soon we will have an amazing premiere from Oleg Roy, the Great Frame and the animation direction of RED CARPET STUDIO - "The Show of Mishka Shmyak".

More than anything, Mishka Shmyak loves to dream. And since his best friend, kind little Yesenia is always next to him, dreams gradually come to life. In this way 57 friends of Shmyak were born - the same cute teddy bears like himself. What happened after and which  exciting adventures it led to, we find out from “The Mishka Shmyak Show”.

It should be noted that this kind of show is already very popular in the West, but unique for Russia. As planned, the show will be hosted by the author and creator of the funny bear - Oleg Roy and the star of the new animated series "Yesenia's Magic Shop" - Mishka Shmyak.

The creators are not in a hurry to reveal all the secrets of the new show, so let's look forward to the premiere!

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