Guardians of the Mountains
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Guardians of the Mountains

Once upon a time, long ago, when our galaxy did not yet exist, there was a beautiful planet. Its inhabitants knew no grief and worries, living in contentment and joy. Each of them had an appearance similar to human and animal, could easily change shape, fly and swim. And on the planet itself there was a combination of the strangest things - for example, heat and snow. It was the happiest planet, but one day a terrible race of shadows invaded this planet and blocked the sunlight from them, for the sun and joy are the most terrible things for shadows.


Adventure, comedy


6-9 years




7 minutes




Just imagine that somewhere there is a whole resort, filled with magical adventures, where everything is controlled by super-heroes, where every day something extraordinary happens! These amazing heroes live just around the corner! They control snowfalls and fun holidays, slopes, elevators, sunny days, secret mountain treasures, friendship, magic and fun! They can solve any mystery, solve any problem, find the answer to any question - and they will become your best friends!

Their lockets are pieces of their home planet. They are separated because their connection gives so much energy that it can be noticed by shadows, it is very dangerous.

  • Snowflake, the guardian of the mountains that controls snow and ice. Snowflake turns into a snow leopard and has his own medallion with a piece of his home planet that looks like a snowflake. 
  • Vetrika, the guardian of the mountains. She controls all the winds and turns into a snowy white eagle. She also has her own medallion, which gives strength, it looks like a tangle of thin lines - the wind rose.
  • Sunny, guardian of the mountains, the creator of heat and light, turning into a fluffy shiny rabbit, so round, like a sunny bunny. Holder of a medallion in the form of the sun.
  • Nochik, guardian of the mountains, guarding people in the darkness. He transforms into an owl and his medallion is in the shape of the moon and stars.
  • Tuchenya, the guardian of the mountains, who controls the rains. He turns into a gull and can fly long over the sea, touching the waves with his sharp wings. His medallion resembles a cloud.

But only the union of all the guards and their medallions can give tremendous power and even open a portal to any place in the galaxy.

Now the guards live peacefully, trying not to interfere in the lives of ordinary people, but bringing them laughter and joy. However, the shadows that destroyed the happy planet have long sought the fugitives, dreaming of destroying the crystal of joy so that an eternal dreary night reigned everywhere. They will stop at nothing, but the guards will be ready to fight back as well, they have grown too fond of the earth to allow it to be destroyed as well. It is good that the battle is not yet soon, and in the meantime you can do the usual things - keep an eye on the tracks, have fun holidays and fun, give people laughter and happiness.

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