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A charming calf moves to the big city with her cow-rhino family where she learns that families are not “one style fits all”. These differences don’t stand in the way of making friends when you share imagination, music and fun.


Adventure, comedy, educational


3-5 years




5.5 minutes




Growing up in a small town, Polly Bovino always thought there was something different about her family. But she could never quite figure out why. She had a Mom, a Dad and embarrassing siblings just like all of her friends. When Polly started “big kid school” she finally discovered what the difference was. Polly’s a cow and her boisterous brothers Harry and Chuck are rhinos. That’s probably because Polly’s Mom is cow and her Dad is a rhino. Everyone else in Polly’s small rural town were either an all-cow, all-rhino, all-duck or all-any-other-animal-you-can-think-of family. Nobody made a big deal out of it, but somehow Polly never quite thought the Bovinos were like those other families. When Mom’s new job brings the family to the big city, Polly discovers a whole block of families that are as different as hers.

Polly and the Bovino clan move into Kindly Court, a huge apartment building on a busy block in bustling MultyCity. The building is home to families of different sizes, spots and stripes. There’s the unicorn twins Suzy and Daisy who live with their narwhal Mom and horse Dad. Then there is little Noah the owlet who’s been adopted by two hens in the penthouse. In fact, Bobby the elephant and his two pachyderm parents are the exceptional exception to the rule in Kindly Court.

MultyCity follows Polly, her family and friends as they come together as a community that recognizes, accepts and celebrates their similarities and differences. The series will teach the audience the prosocial attitudes of respect and tolerance by modeling positive behavior through the characters actions and stories. These lessons will always be filtered through a child’s perspective on the world. The series will combine whimsical imagination, music and play to show that when Polly and friends focus on what makes them all the same, they can make the Impossible Possible!


MultyCity will tell simple, kid-relatable stories exploring differences and similarities between the kids in Kindly Court. The stories will be age-appropriate metaphors for social, economic and cultural inclusivity that reflects the audience’s real-life experiences. The characters will help foster emotional and cognitive development by modeling the positive, pro-social behaviors of tolerance and mutual respect. Polly and her friends will help the audience learn important lessons about caring, fairness, empathy, perseverance, sharing, reliability, and responsibility just to name a few. 

The author and general producer of the series is Oleg Roy, a writer, public figure, board member of the Russian Animated Film Association.

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