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Tommy The Little Dragon

Book animated educational series by Oleg Roy for children from 2 years old



Adventure, comedy, animation


2-5 years




5.5 minutes




Tommy The Little Dragon is a 2D animated educational and entertaining series for children from 2 to 5 years old. The method of constructing the series is vertical, that is, each series is a complete story and contains a statement for the viewer, performing, in addition to entertainment, also an educational function. The duration of the series is 5 minutes and 30 seconds, which means that the parents may stop watching the TV series at any moment without stressing the child.

In the world of our show there is no violence and antagonists, moms can safely leave their children alone with the TV and be sure that Tommy The Little Dragon teaches them only good things. The animated series is designed to instill in children respect for family values, love for loved ones, teaches them to take care of the younger ones and to help adults. Each episode is based on a situation familiar to any child viewer, so the series offers viewers a chance to look at all the problems from the outside and find a way out of them in an easy-going game form.

Ask Tommy The Little Dragon and find out for yourself!

The central character of the series is Tommy The Little Dragon, a plush toy that comes to life only in the presence of children, who has settled in an ordinary panda family. With the help of magic soap bubbles Tommy takes our heroes to the moon, or to a pirate ship, or just under the bed, where kids discover a diverse and exciting world, struggle with fears and shyness, learn the most important family values and through the story themselves find answers to their countless questions: how to overcome night fears? What is stubbornness and what it leads to? Where do puddles come from? How to find common ground with the smallest? And other questions, of which our characters, as well as our children, have a lot. Tommy The Little Dragon - a true friend of children and a helper for parents! The show has a lot of catchy, funny songs, and the pace of the narration is perfect for children to perceive both the adventure and the learning components. 

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