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Tommy The Little Dragon Reboot

I hasten to please all readers and fans of the animated series about Tommy The Little Dragon and report that soon will be released a new series of books about the adventures of Tommy and his friends, which will be called "Tommy The Little Dragon. Reboot."



Adventure, entertainment, comedy


2-5 years




"Tommy The Little Dragon Reboot" is a huge new universe consisting of many worlds. The cycle includes 8 seasons of 26 fascinating stories in each, maybe someday these stories will find their continuation not only in the book series, but also will appear on the screen:

Don't miss the release of the books in the series "Tommy The Little Dragon Reboot" Go together with Tosha and his friends to new, even more fun and exciting adventures!

Literary Serial

It all started one day when Nyasha and Yasha's father, an inventor, built a wonderful playground for the children. There were all sorts of things there - swings, merry-go-rounds, a spiral slide, a ship, and a fairy castle! The little pandits enjoyed playing and having fun at the new playground. But one day they found out that every single thing here is also magical! If their friend Toyroychik surrounds it with his wonderful soap bubble, those who swing on the swings or spin on the merry-go-round will be transported to a new magical world.

The Adventures of Tommy The Little Dragon and Princess Gorosha

At first, when they saw the fairy castle on the playground, Nyasha and Yasha thought it was just a playhouse. But it turned out to be much more interesting than that! It turned out that the castle is also a portal, which can be used to get to a real fairy tale kingdom. In this kingdom all kinds of fairy tale heroes live: princes and princesses, knights and dragons, fairies and witches, giants and dwarves... But, as it turned out, in fact, they are not quite as in fairy tales, but much more modern - for example, they drive cars and use cell phones.

The Sea Adventures of Tommy The Little Dragon and His Friends

The pandora's playground has a wonderful ship with a steering wheel, a captain's bridge, a cabin, sails, masts and ladders. You can not only play and climb on this ship, but also go on a real voyage on the waves of seas and oceans. Travelling by magic ship, Tommy and his friends visited different countries, crossed the equator and got stuck in the ice, discovered uninhabited islands and looked for ancient treasures, met other sailors and menacing pirates, lived in real storms, saw amazing sea animals and sank into the ocean depths, but every time they returned home safely.

The Adventures of Tommy The Little Dragon and His Friends. Dream Rocket

I don't know about anyone else, but Tommy's friends had a rocket in the backyard of their house on the playground. Every kid knows what a rocket is. But not everyone has even a toy rocket, let alone a real one. And there are, as it turns out, even such rockets that can fly not only in space, but also in our dreams. However, that swarmy was a little upset, because he was afraid that the rocket, which itself could fly the dreams of our heroes, could easily replace it. But nothing of the kind happened and they all together, including the new characters of the literary adventures of Tommy The Little Dragon and his friends went on amazing journeys on the Dream Rocket.

Adventures of Tommy The Little Dragon and his friends in Happy City

Nyasha and Yasha live in a cozy house on the outskirts of a quiet little town. So they were very happy when they found out that with the help of a car on their playground you can find yourself in a huge megalopolis called Happy City. Of course, it was a little unusual for Tommy and the pandits, too much noise and bustle... But how much interesting! Skyscrapers, wide boulevards, modern transport, glowing advertising screens, shopping centers, cafes, cinemas and all kinds of entertainment! Traveling around the Happy City, friends visited many interesting places and got acquainted with local residents - representatives of various professions.

Travels of Tommy The Little Dragon and his friends on the swing of time

It looks like an ordinary swing, except that it's very cool. But only Tommy The Little Dragon and his friends know their secret - they are not just any swing, but the Swing of Time! Well, like a time machine, only with swings. And the more they sway, the farther you fall into the depths of time. Thanks to this wonderful swing pandochki and Tommy saw how the first - cavemen - lived, how the pyramids and the Great Wall of China were built, how knights fought in tournaments and beautiful ladies danced at balls, how the first inventions were created, the most important scientific discoveries were made...

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