The One Who Stands Behind You
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Adult Literature

Oleg Roy

The One Who Stands Behind You


340 pages


Psychological Fiction, Drama, Romance, Young Adult Novel

When one thinks about their desires, they do not stop to think about the consequences they may have to face. Nicholas has to face his consequences in full measure, as he quietly drinks his life away because of his guilt. Nicholas’s guilt revolves around the death of his friend and wife Olga, who deeply buried her talent for the sake of a better life, and their son, Sasha. Sasha, an ordinary teenager, a student of an elite school, constantly finds himself in a situation where he has to make the right moral choice. And one day it turns into a moral dilemma, the question of life or death.

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Cult Russian writer, author of psychological novels and more than 150 works for children, on which more than one generation grew up. He is included in the top 5 Russian and top 100 European authors. According to the Book Chamber of the Russian Federation Oleg occupies the 1st line in the rating as a children's author.

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