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Five seasons of fluffy super-drive!


Adventure, comedy, animation, family


2-5 years


5.5 minutes






In the first season of the project "Furballs" "Cinema Land" young viewers and readers will get acquainted with the world of cinema, learn how films are made, and what lies "on the other side of the screen. And the inhabitants of the city will help them in this. In a large grassy valley, where the mountains on the horizon merge with the sky and the dense forests are interspersed with vast savannah, sits the city of Filmland. The whole town and the valley is a wonderful movie studio, where the most daring dreams come true. Film sets, sets representing everything in the world and glamorous creative parties - that's the world where our heroes live. Anything is possible here, any fantasy will come to life on the screen, but it will all be a little ... not real. Only friendship, work and adventures are real in the world of Kinoland. 

In the second season of the "Furballs" project "Drive Town" young viewers and readers will get acquainted with the world of car racing, cars and technical inventions, to understand how all sorts of mechanisms work, and get answers to many of their questions "how" and "why. And the residents will help them in this. All of the residents of "Drive Town", both boys and girls, are passionate about constructing, inventing and racing cars. They are great mechanics, engineers, and drivers. More than anything, they love speed, beautiful cars, and the unforgettable spirit of competition.  

In the third season of the project "Furballs" "DiscoCity" young viewers and readers learn a lot about music and the world of pop. The inhabitants of the city of DiscoCity - the heroes of the newest project of Oleg Roy "Fluffy. Life and Adventures" - will acquaint them with the main genres of contemporary and classical music and tell them a lot of interesting things about singing, dancing and stage performances. The world of DiscoCity is the stage in all its manifestations. Ramp lights, applause, prestigious tours and awards - all this sparkling world of music and dance. But not everyone knows that behind the bright sign of this world there is always hidden a lot of hard work and tears of disappointment. 

The world of Project Furballs's fourth season, "Berloxville," is a little different. It's not as bright, and it's much more relaxed. In it, young viewers and readers get to meet the cubs from the small, quiet town of Berloguesville, where collectors and creative types live in unison. A huge forest spreads out at the foot of high mountains, and in this forest a wonderful group of bears has come together. Our heroes are united by collecting and creativity. Boys collect various things, as well as puzzles, designers, and board games. Girls love everything to do with beauty and fashion: they draw, sew, knit, embroider and hold fashion shows.  

The fifth season of the "Furballs" project "Sporttown" is dedicated to sports. Young viewers and readers will learn that sports consists not only of victories, prizes and enthusiastic shouts of fans, but also of hard work, long hours of training and frequent disappointments. But friendship, hard work and faith in victory will always help achieve success. Sportstown is a city of athletes. Sports are the goal and meaning of life for everyone who lives here. Even those who don't play sports professionally are sure to cheer for one team or another and lead healthy lifestyles.  

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