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Welcome aboard the Space Station, the headquarters of the Spacey Kids, the brave little space superheroes. Many people dream of coming here to take a peek at the captain's bridge of the invincible Cosmo, visit Clever Boy's lab, chat about outfits with Poleschka, assemble the perpetual motion machine with Bloom, and fool around with Neposedka!


Adventure, comedy, educational


3-5 years

Project presentation


"Spacers" is a fun adventure and developmental project for kids from 3 to 5 years old, the main themes of which are learning about the world around them, preschool education, and teamwork. Through fascinating stories, the child will get answers to many questions: where the wind blows, why the sun shines, why the sky is blue. The little viewer will understand how important it is to be able to interact and unite with other people to achieve their goals. He will realize the value of family, trust and friendship.

"Spacers" is the result of the joint efforts of popular children's writer Oleg Roy and leading child psychologists, aiming to help kids more easily pass the period of adaptation to the collective of peers. This is one of the most difficult and demanding challenges of preschool age for children, but also a difficult time for parents. Our project is designed to help them cope with all the crises of this path. Together with "Spacey's" a time of challenge will turn into a time of amazing discoveries, growth and adventures. In a comfortable play space, we will raise the topics that are so exciting to your baby right now, look for answers to important questions, and learn how to constructively resolve conflicts. For the entire preschool period we will grow, develop and play together. And the heroes of the project will become reliable advisors and caring companions for your child.

The plot of each book is based on a new space adventure of our heroes, who invite kids to peek into the captain's bridge of the invincible Cosmo, visit Smarty's laboratory, chat about outfits with Polochka, assemble the perpetual motion machine with Bloom and fool around with Neposedka. Here, in the main airlock of the space station, the parents bring the Spacey's every morning to save the universe until the evening. Whatever the emergency is, whatever story you've fallen into, no matter what distant planet you live on... Just call out, and the superheroes Spacey will rush to your aid, for they are and superheroes!

The story centers on a tale of brave space travelers, the Spaceyks. They wander on their space station from planet to planet, exploring remote corners of the universe, help those who are in trouble and, of course, do not miss the opportunity to have fun with it. Each book - it's a new exciting adventure, which, together with the main characters are sent to the young readers. In fact, Spacey, the space station, the planets - these are toys scattered in the room of a 5-year-old boy. So a pile of cubes on the floor turns into a cubic planet, and plush animals take the heroes to the planet of anti-stress toys. The travelers will visit the planets of revived cars and trains, and even in the world populated by robot dinosaurs.

Each book is a new day, a new problem, a new planet with its inhabitants - and a new space adventure!

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